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Professional Services

Your Dependable Protection Adviser.
we work on your behalf, not the Insurer.

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We take Practical steps to establish your needs.

We are an insurance intermediary representing you, not any insurer. We will provide you with a personal recommendation after we have assessed your needs, limited to the insurance products available to us.

What will you have to pay us for our services?

We arrange the policy with the insurer on your behalf, you do not pay us a fee for doing this. We receive a commission from the insurer which is a percentage of the total annual premium.

What do we offer:

We can only offer products from a limited number of insurers for:  life assurance, critical illness cover, income protection, household insurance, accident, and sickness insurance, and cash lump sum accident protection

we are Customer Focused.

we use accessible language and we avoid jargon or long words that might be difficult to understand.

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